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Dad does up opulent houses Dad employed to collect Ford's model car's treated surfaces Dad in street quarrel Dad is back at his job, that's clear Dad is familiar with top Dad says "maybe"Dad says "no"Dad says "yes"Dad taking teacher around European capital Dad upset over friend’s dismay Dad’s mother, with it, beginning to enjoy rock? Dad’s word of thanks for simple food Dad's backing Mum perhaps, that's obvious Dad's bro Dad's mate Dad's namesake: Abbr. Dallas icemen Dallas player, briefly Dallas player, for short Dallas sch. Dance party Dance piece Dance pioneer Duncan Dance popularized in the Dance related to the cha-Dance related to the mamb Dance scholar with ten moves Dance seen in a Lincoln CDance seen on TV's "Hulla Dance set? Dallas City Hall designer Dallas Cowboy's emblem Dallas Cowboys founder Mu Dallas dribbler, briefly Dallas five Dallas hoopster Dallas hoopster, briefly Dallas hoopsters Dallas hrs. Daly City's county Daly of "Cagney & Lacey"Daly of "Judging Amy"Daly TV role Daly's TV co-star Dam Dam across a creek Dam builders: Abbr. Dam result, often Dam site Dam source of water found in the Clyde valley Dam that formed Lake Nass Dam up Dam with added function, not the conventional sort Dam's counterpart Dam, for example Dam-building agcy. Damaged by drought Damaged car banned in social event Damaged first of Harriers carrying weapons Damaged papaw trees dropped leaves? Maybe Damaged, as a psyche Damager of London museum going on trial at last Damager of the ozone laye Damages Damages - planet Damages drinks can I dropped Damages first class coaches Damages irreparably Damaging Damaging insects Damascene's homeland Damascus V. Dance music is constant in party Dance music with an infec Dance named after an avia Dance of African origin Dance of Bedouin in desert Dance of Cuban origin Dance on amphetamine or mix of coke and HDance part Dance partner Dance partner for Fred Dance partner? opposers Da and I are recently getting into claret Da capo ___ (Baroque piec Da Gama's destination Da Vinci masterpiece, wit Da Vinci or Michelangelo, Da Vinci portrait (2 wds.)Da ___, Vietnam Da's oppositeda-DUM, da-DUM, da-DUMDab Dab hand Dabble in Dabbler Dabblers Dabbles (in)Dabbling duck Dabbling ducks Dabs Dacre's rag admits liberal sources Dactyl Dactylitis locale Dad Dad dancing - extremely liable to confuse! Whether it's breakfast and a quick illy coffee, lunch with friends, cocktails and wine after work or a big night out… Sundays are all about our delicious roasts between 12pm and 5pm every week, with our sharing roast for 4 people.

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