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Leslie was bound to raise the film’s standards and I would have my work cut out just to keep up with him in my performance.”Captured!

is based on the novel, “Fellow Prisoners” by Sir Philip Gibbs, a British journalist who battled censorship and documented the battles and the after-effects of the conflict in a series of non-fiction books published during and after the First World War.

A news item in Hollywood Reporter notes that an important scene was shot at night at the Grand Central Airport in Burbank using seventy-five airplanes and 1,500 people.

According to production records included in the file on the film at the AMPAS Library, shooting lasted twenty-nine days and the film was made for a total cost of 5,000.

Good job escaping, I’m sure you can do it again as needed. The central tension during Digby’s trial is that Allison knows he’s innocent. Does he exonerate his best friend, or let Digby die as he’s stolen all of his hope from him?There’s no sense of scale, and many of its twists are ludicrous. That if you have nothing left to live for, you may as well gamble it all away? With the coming of sound, however, stage actors with strong, distinctive voices were in demand and in 1930 he was wooed by Hollywood to star in the screen version of the play Outward Bound.He had played the supporting role on stage in New York, but for the film he took the lead and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., the son of Hollywood royalty and a rising young actor in his own right, took the supporting role that Howard had created onstage.It’s too bold for him, too organized, especially considering how simple it is to pull off.It also eschews much of the film’s more ‘gentlemanly’ view of war for a gung-ho While it’s stylish, there isn’t much meat to the proceedings, with Allison almost threadbare; his character seems lost as much as he is purposefully unmoored. Arthur Hohl’s attempts at cockney accent is certainly a wonder to behold.

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