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IPSWICH IN THE MASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONY, VOL 2, 1700-1917, A History of the Town, Thomas Franklin Waters, 1917, Ipswich Historical Society, Ipswich, Mass., p. census of 1782 in Warwick, RI: 1 male under 16; 4 females under 16; 1 male 22-50; 1 female 22-50; Total: 7 persons. Marriages and Deaths, Essex Institute, Salem, MA, 1909, p. of Sally (Jacobs)), trader, son of Caleb and Sarah, died 12-2-1843, aged 76 yrs, 2 months, 14 days, of infirmaties and old age. History has maintained that the Puritans came to America as religious refugees, attempting to escape from a dictatorial monarchy (James I and later Charles I) which refused to acknowledge what the Puritans considered to be their basic religious rights. Although virtually all of the early colonists in Massachusetts were Protestants fleeing from England's state church, their flight to America arose from a combination of economic and political reasons as well as religious reasons.

Appleton, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1978, p. New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Bristol County Probate Records, Vol. John Cleaveland, Pastor of one of the churces in Chebacco (Ipswich), who was commissioned as Chaplain in Col. His journal of the summer campaign, narrates many details of the march, camp life and the disastrous battles. As all bridges had been burned, a long detour through thick woods was necessary. But I was in another battoe and could not be found, the Lake being full of men.” ¶ Rev. Ebenezer Potter of Ipswich was shot through the right hand and disabled for his trade of weaving. Whipple’s company bear melancholy evidence of the brave part taken by the Ipswich soldiers in this disastrous battle.: Nathan Burnham, Lieut, dead, July 9; Stephen Low, Lieut., dead, July 8 (source: Mass. March 13 to Dec 9, 1758); Samuel Knowlton, Ensign and Lieut; James Andrews, Sergeant; John Tuttle, Corporal and Sergeant; Archilaus Dwinell, Corporal, dead Sept. Nathaniel Dodge, son of Richard; Andrew Dodge, Robert Annable, Jr, son of Robert, Jonathan Andrews, Jesse Story, ............ Gideon Parker’s Co, Col Little’s regt, had not received a coat or its equivalent in money; also, Capt. Moses Little’s regt; copy of a company return; enlisted 1-1-1776 (service not given). Marriages and Deaths, Essex Institute, Salem, MA, 1909, p. census of 1782 in Warwick, RI: 1 female under 16; 1 male 22-50; 1 male over 50; 4 blacks; Total: 7 persons. Roxbury, MA), married Ebenezer Shepard Bacon (Born 1830) on 4-12-1853. (Thomas Thompson Low, b: 8-8-1802, Deer Isle, son of Nathan Low, Jr.) Thomas Low was a shoemaker and apparently lived in “Vassalboroug”. Further, the Industrial Revolution in England led directly to massive unemployment, particularly among the rural laborers.

Ebenezer Lowe of Rockport, a widower, aged 40 yrs, shipmaster, son of Ebenezer and Susanna Lowe of Rockport, on 8-7-1845. In 1828 he formed a connection with Sampson Reed in the wholesale drug trade, and this continued until 1839. Lowe was not in active business from 1839 to 1859, but he served as a director in banks, and insurance and railroad companies, and for many years was a member of the city government, and of the State Legislature. Lowe, with others, founded the Safety Fund Bank, now the First National Bank of Boston, and was elected president, which office he held while he lived.

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