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After our split, I made a rule that I'd never think back on anything we did sexually. He said his marriage was teetering, and wanted to know what I was going through.

It just didn't seem right -- I did not want to be accessing those feelings ... But, she was the only woman I was with for 30 years. At the end of our conversation, he summed it up like this: "So I guess my choices are starting over, or accepting I'll never have sex again." (See this previous post aimed at the "Divorce Curious") But even in couples that are "happily married," it certainly feels like a majority are mismatched sexually.

Pop culture paints the cougar as predatory and pathetically desperate, but women have recently begun fighting the stereotype: real cougars, they argue, are confident, successful, single women over the age of 40, who — tired of unromantic and narrow-minded men their own age — date younger, more active and more adventurous men.

I'm no stand-up comedian, but I did come up with one joke concerning my divorce: "So, I was married for 27 years, and with my ex-wife for a total of 30.

It continues that men think about sex much more often than women, are turned on much more easily, and even adds that nuns maintain their vows of chastity better than priests. The laundry, says Lloyd Garver in this very funny piece.And, as you've likely noticed, there's no shortage of sex advice online.Leaving the technical angle to others better qualified (see joke above), I wanted to dig into the relationship advice being offered out there.One researcher even quantified the libido increase at one more time per month.Is the extra nookie worth the risk of dishpan hands? Karen Brody takes a more serious approach in her post, "One Secret That Will Unleash Your Wife's Desire." Brody begins with the conventional wisdom that men want it all the time, as they are visual creatures who get "..ache in [their] groin" from seeing a woman "..over in the kitchen, or when [they] catch a glimpse of her nipples rising under her t-shirt." (Whew, gotta catch my breath...) She continues that men want to believe women get just as hot from looking at them, but she says they do not.

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