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Bella has dropped some weight since their first match and Dee has earned a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

State lawmakers approved the ban last year as part of a package of gun restrictions.

Police have named Nasim Aghdam, 39, as the suspect but say […] A 21-year-old man from California has been arrested for allegedly sharing a pirated copy of the movie Deadpool on his Facebook page, shortly after it premiered last year.

The man was indicted following an FBI […] Four people are dead after a gunman opened fire in northern California at several locations, including an elementary school, police have said.

Allowing the law to take effect would have given thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens what San Diego-based U. District Judge Roger Benitez called an untenable choice: “Become an outlaw or dispossess one’s self of lawfully acquired property.” He issued a preliminary injunction blocking the law from taking effect while he considers the underlying lawsuit filed by the National Rifle Association-affiliated California Rifle & Pistol Association.

Earlier this week, California regulators temporarily blocked proposed new rules on assault weapons submitted by Attorney General Xavier Becerra in May.

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