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The Chattahoochee Hill Country (CHC) is a 65,000 acre area southwest of Atlanta.It is one of the last undeveloped and rural areas located within 30 minutes of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest airport in the world.Your consumers here in Singapore expect not only fast response time from you, but also quick resolution to their queries.

Some could be ‘cherry picking’ the easier requests over the difficult ones, so they can answer more compared to the rest of your team.

An easy way to solve this issue is to automatically allocate the next pending request to the next available staff, so all received inquiry emails or calls are distributed equally among your support team members.

Another thing is when you notice that an agent is handling too few requests. If so, then you know you need to consider conducting a seminar or training session for the team.

If the CRM system reports show that it takes so much time to respond to a request, it could be because the agents or the right department does not receive the requests and that the delay could be due to the action of having to reroute the requests to the right personnel.

Another possible reason is that the responses itself are taking too long to be sent.

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