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Our profile photo selections looked totally different.Men are visual, so if you show them a picture of you in your bathing suit or even a tight dress at a club, they immediate focus on your body parts, not your potential as a long-term mate.

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I was immediately skeptical, having heard lots of not-so-great tales from others about the service, but she quickly added that a seemingly decent guy had contacted her and wanted to take her out on a date. I know a lot of women who seek dating advice from the wrong people—bitter gal-pals, friends who haven’t had successful relationships, and even parents who can be less than helpful when trying to navigate the online dating world.When it comes to dating, things are never as easy as they should be.From trying to figure out where to meet nice guys to navigating a budding romance, dating can often feel like too much to handle on your own.I also have a full-body picture of me so they really see me.Then I have a photo of me doing my work (I’m an artist, and I love what I do!

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