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Every single person I have talked to swears it was spelled ‘Berenstein Bears” .Lady JEM5 said: While my children were small my mother & I purchased the entire Berenstein Bears library collection.I am a readaholic, and have been since I was 4 years old.I read every single word, just as I have done with these comments!Mary Garcia said:…it was always Berenstein and now it is Berenstain.My 20 year old daughter, who had ever Bear book was just as creeped out when I showed her this, she said “no Mom it was always Berenstein”.However, part of me feels that i’m buying into the “crazy”, and the other part of me trusts that i’m not mis-remembering.Mina said: I also KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, that the childrens books were the “Berenstein” Bears, not the “Berenstain” Bears.

An interesting website with a list of ships with their passenger lists that carried emigrants to the US, Canada and Australia between 16 is She said it was pronounced “Bern-Steen” Bears, different than Mr. I would never have asked her how to pronounce it, if it had been spelled “Berenstain”!Brian said: Other things I remember are Berenstein…However, like most of these memories, readers aren’t in lockstep, universal agreement.When did this Berenstein vs Berenstain debate begin?I can remember an event less than 5 years ago – I was referencing them in a text message to a friend, and do remember looking up the correct spelling on my phone – I remember it clearly being STEIN.

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