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Top knot, then up neck by turning sheep’s head away and shearing up a natural parting in the wool at the back of the neck to between ears.Shear head, neck, first front leg to below shoulder.’ As the technique improved, so did the tallies.Moreover, the growers had only a limited understanding of the market for Merino fiber, and little ability to influence it.As a result, they faced unsustainable prices, an increasing cost of production, and diminishing returns.NZM is headquartered in Christchurch in New Zealand’s South Island.

However, New Zealand’s Merino farmers were still struggling due to the fluctuating prices that are characteristic of any commodity market.

This would involve defining a model that would directly shatter a series of prevalent industry myths.

Through extensive market research, along with grower involvement, NZM was able to define a unique identity for its offering (see the section called Product and Partners for more details).

Les Thomsen describes the blade shearing style: ‘First blow, from right side of lower brisket to flank, then break open and out to toe.

Clear brisket upward, then across belly to udder, clear bellywool with left hand. Over tail by tilting sheep backwards and lifting with left hand.

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