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Ruth: "Yes" (i looked across at Ruth and saw in her eyes the look of both love and lust towards Ade.

Moses: To me "Take off her wedding ring and place in on the cock ring" (I looked across and couldnt believe my eyes there gently hanging by his knees was a 20" massively thick deep ridged and veined black cock.

We asked about these to Moses who reminded us about what a WHITE person classed as sinful and what was the blackmans custom, we apologised and cleared our minds of these "white! Our marriage took place in Nairobi as planned with Ruth in her white wedding dress shoes etc and at Moses insistance Ade was best man.

Soon as the wedding was over, we went to our "honeymoon" house (Moses house outside of Nairobi).

This involved deep discussions, and by the time we had a date to move to Kenya, to take up a post north of Mombasa, under the guidance of another Kenyan pastor called Moses.

Ruth and i planned to be married prior to taking up this post and marry in Nairobi.

Ruth my wife and i David 20, had known each other for 18 years as we met at sunday school.

Both of us only children to older church going parents.

I also saw Ruth looking with a mixture of fear and longing for this cock.

We took up our post in the new year, and had a 3 month further training in Nairobi, where again we had it intensied as to black being superior to white.

We also had a week at the village where we were to work from.

On this visit we met the "headman" a 60 year old very big man who was curteous and would welcome us if we came to help achieve the aim of raising the blackman.

We also met Ade his son who was agiant of a man 6 ffot 8" and over 20 stone of solid muscle and completly hairless, this mans presence was overpowering and both Ruth and i were in awe of him.

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