Nadech and yaya dating 2016 attractive women and dating

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Finally when asked about the Jun cheating rumors on her with an actress making soft porn, Mao laughed and said that she was so surprised at how imaginative folks are with making things up.

There you have it, as close to confirmation that Mao Jun is still on as any so far.

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Nadech nods shyly while his ears turn red, a good indication of a humble man who’s unsure of how to take the compliment? The host pipes in that her life revolves around Nadech. Not to the level of being boyfriend-girlfriend, Nadech responds.It is evident by the end of part one of 3 Zaap show that the hosts and fans alike are rooting for the onscreen sweetheart couple, Nadech and Yaya, to be a real life pair.The second part if anything, fuels the fire and gives us comfort in questions left unanswered.Yaya explains that she loves her scarf, she wears it all the time in colder countries that she visits, but it has nothing to do with the scarf that Nadech knitted. But according to the resident private eye (Chompoo) those two scarves are one and the same. And what is the meaning of wearing it that frequently and sharing the picture on Instagram, as if she wants people to see it? Nadech finally says that the scarf in the photo is a prop for his lakorn, he didn’t knit that particular one, but he does know how to knit.Which segues the topic to Nadech’s ability to do many things deemed feminine, including being a makeup artist.

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