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There is also a dating app for Juggalos, for Furries, and for several more strange interests that I don't want to give away because I need you to read this article. Jugga LOVE currently has 2,277 members, but only 684 are Juggalettes, so this is definitely the website to come to if you're looking to meet a man. Plus, dating a Juggalo seems like a great lifestyle choice.

You guys can share makeup, go to concerts, share makeup... Let me tell ya, I've dated a few clowns in my lifetime without going on this app at all!

"I don't like to hear what they already have; I like to tell 'em what I want and see what they come up with." The set will also have a lot in common with ICP's .

"My album is going to be all positive," Violent J says.

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Y'know, I thought the Juggalos would love '...

It's kind of our good luck number, so we want to do all fun stuff this year," Violent J says.

A key reference point is "They Unveiling," the 17th track from 2002's album in which ICP revealed the meaning of its first Dark Carnival mythology.

Meanwhile, Shaggy 2 Dope's third solo set, "I didn't want any involvement," says Violent J., who nevertheless does appear on one track at Shaggy's request.

"I wanted him to do it all him and write it all and produce it all.

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