Middle school dating timline

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Fighter 83 made it to the final elimination round which would have resulted in being in the tournament, but he was set up against Goku.

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At the World Tournament, Fighter 69 is first seen lifting a huge weight before his fight.In Dragon Ball: Origins, Goku finds this muscular woman in the Mushroom Forest after a villager from Monster Carrot's Village told him a robust woman was there seeking for a mushroom that would make her stronger.After the boss battle, she accepts to travel to Kame House with Goku because she wants to learn martial arts.When he saw Goku was his opponent, he and the rest of the audience thought that it was a joke.Goku then pushed him with one finger, causing him to lose balance and fall out of the ring, surprising him and everyone in the room watching (most of which assumed it was luck).

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