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Once her alliance eliminated all the members of the rival Zapatera tribe, the alliance was forced to turn on themselves. She was sent to Redemption Island where she was the first female contestant to win a duel at Redemption Island and make it back into the game.However, when the intended target Ashley Underwood won immunity Boehlke's fate was sealed. Not that I ever did, but my nothing has sunk to new lows. (That’s what they said, but it sounds like “they” may have confused Natalie and Andrea. Great alliance, great player, simply put, The Man!!!I love spoilers, but “Survivor: Redemption Island” is extra tricky because of the recent hullabaloo between Missyae, Russell Hantz and CBS. Andrea and Matt seem to be the couple of the season.) *** April 28 UPDATE: I think Andrea Boehlke is going to win. David Murphy – – – Booksmart, will that translate to Game smart??One at around the merge and the other at the finale, as you all know from call sheets. I hear he is linked in with the Krista/Russell alliance. I think Krista’s the only one who doesn’t turn against Russell though.

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She has interviewed some of Hollywood’s elite on that show, such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Eddie Redmayne, Colin Farrell, Kristen Stewart, Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Munn, Jane Lynch, and Kevin Hart.

She has younger sisters Sabrina, Sharla and Jerilyn (deceased).

She attended Random Lake High School and graduated fourth in her class.

In 2010, Boehlke was cast on the CBS show Survivor, after sending in an audition tape, as her family members were fans of the show, and her parents had both applied previously.

Boehlke was asked back to play as a "Favorite" on Season 26, Survivor: Caramoan, where she came in seventh place.

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