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Many “NCIS” viewers started pointing out months ago that stars Pauley Perrette and Mark Harmon were no longer appearing together on screen: They didn’t even share a stage for Perrette’s final episode last week.The reason goes back to an incident in 2016 in which Harmon’s dog bit a member of the crew, requiring 15 stitches, and Perrette objected when the dog was allowed to return to the set afterward, according to multiple individuals familiar with the situation.Said canine was allowed to return to the set, which Perrette objected to.The solution was to never have the two actors be in the same location at the same time.As it turns out, that does seem to be the root of the problem, and that was what Pauley was referencing in her tweets, according to sources.Apparently, in the past two years, Mark Harmon and Pauley couldn’t even film in the same room, that’s how bad the drama was between them.Perrette’s final episode on the procedural drama aired last week, and the two actors shared no screentime together.

Radar writes that everyone on set was just fine with this decision... The Radar insider says Perrette was "furious" at Harmon for placing the crew in danger again and that she acted like a "diva" from this point forward. “She completely ignored him." This incident and this feud with Harmon may very well have nothing at all to do with the assault allegations made by Perrette in her disturbing Tweets.

The dog proceeded to bite a crew member, leaving the victim with a wound that required 16 stitches to close.

"Mark was obviously horrified and made sure that Dave went through re-training and was frequently checked by his vet,” the source tells Radar.

“She refused to shoot scenes with Mark and she refused to sit on the same side of the table as him at table reads,” the insider alleges, adding: “She even completely ignored him any time he tried to make amends.” Despite this history, Harmon tried to get back on good terms with Perrette one final time before the cast filmed her final episode, which aired on May 8. But it's all just very interesting to consider because NCIS is the highest-rated show on network television and no one has ever discussed any sort of on-set tension of this kind until now. Which is when this whole dog-related scandal broke out.

“It is true that I am leaving NCIS after this season,” Perrette Tweeted in October, explaining as follows: “It was a decision I made last year. "I feel I have to protect my crew, jobs and so many people,” Perrette added over this past weekend.

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