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Mandy Moore and her boyfriend Taylor Goldsmith head into the airport for a departing flight on Thursday (June 16) out of Barcelona, Spain.The 32-year-old actress was on her way home after a romantic European vacation with her man.Where is Mandy Moore now, and what can we expect from the pop star in 2016?As a self-confessed Mandy Moore obsessive, I'm excited to see and hear whatever Moore does next, particularly as some of her songs have soundtracked important moments of my life.We're going to try and get together one of these days." PLEASE DO.And please recreate the entire "Only Hope" play scene.And film a reboot where Jamie doesn't pass away at the end so Jamie and Landon can live happily ever after together, while you're at it."I think it's a testament to the casting director, [they] knew what they were doing," Mandy added, commenting on the great chemistry the cast had on the set of the movie.Before Nicholas Sparks movies were an annual occurrence, A Walk To Remember was the only solace most of us had from the dirge of superhero movies. But A Walk To Remember has unrealistic moments that just can't be denied, no matter how much you loved the film.

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It's been a little while since Mandy Moore was on our screens or on our Spotify playlists.Moore's last album, Amanda Leigh, came out in 2009, and although she's recurring roles in TV shows like Red Band Society, it's a long time since Moore had a major movie out.So what has the star of A Walk To Remember, one of Nicholas Sparks' best loved stories, been up?From the beginning, he was more worried about his acting career rather than his studies.Thereafter, he received many wonderful opportunities. He was known for playing the role for the drama series.

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