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The coat is subject to seasonal variation, with the fur being thicker in the winter and thinner during the summer.Maine Coons can have any colors that other cats have.The silver collar was purchased by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) Foundation with the help of a donation from the National Capital Cat Show.The collar is housed at the CFA Central Office in the Jean Baker Rose Memorial Library.The Maine Coon is a large and sociable cat, hence its nickname, "the gentle giant." It is characterized by a prominent ruff along its chest, robust bone structure, rectangular body shape, an uneven two layered coat with longer guard hairs with a silky satin under layer undercoat, and a long, bushy tail.The breed's colors vary widely, with only lilac and chocolate disallowed for pedigree.On , the first North American cat show was hosted at Madison Square Garden in New York City.A female Maine Coon brown tabby, named Cosey, was entered into the show. Fred Brown, Cosey won the silver collar and medal and was named Best in Show.

Stewie died 4 February 2013, from cancer at his home in Reno, Nevada, at age 8. The coat is soft and silky, although texture may vary with coat color.

It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically native to the state of Maine, where it is the official state cat.

No records of the Maine Coon's exact origins and date of introduction to the United States exist, so several competing hypotheses have been suggested.

In the early 20th century, the Maine Coon's popularity began to decline with the introduction of other long-haired breeds, such as the Persian, which originated in the Middle East.

The last recorded win by a Maine Coon in a national cat show for over 40 years was in 1911 at a show in Portland, Oregon. The decline was so severe that the breed was declared extinct in the 1950s, although this declaration was considered to be exaggerated and reported prematurely at the time.

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