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Questions concerning the qualifications of adversely affected Federal personnel for specific employment openings shall be referred to the contracting officer for determination.The contracting officer’s determination shall be final and binding on all parties. The requirements of this clause shall not modify or alter the contractor’s responsibilities under statutes, regulations or other contract clauses pertaining to the hiring of veterans, minorities, or persons with disabilities. 8151-8153 that may result in conversion from in-house to contract performance of work: REPORT OF EMPLOYMENT UNDER COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIES (JAN 2008) (a) Consistent with the Government post-employment conflict of interest regulations, the contractor shall give adversely affected Federal personnel the right of first refusal for all employment openings under this contract for which they are qualified. (1) : (i) Permanent Federal personnel who are assigned to the government commercial activity, or (ii) Federal personnel who are identified for release from their competitive levels or separated as a result of the contract.(End of Provision) (a) As prescribed in 811.107(a), insert the following clause: SERVICE DATA MANUALS (NOV 1984) (a) The successful bidder will supply operation/maintenance (service data) manuals with each piece of equipment in the quantity specified in the solicitation and resulting purchase order.As a minimum, the manual(s) shall be bound and equivalent to the manual(s) provided the manufacturer's designated field service representative as well as comply with all the requirements in paragraphs (b) through (i) of this clause.If the manual applies to a particular version of the equipment only, the title page shall also list that equipment’s serial number.Front matter shall consist of the Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Illustrations and a frontispiece (photograph or line drawing) depicting the equipment. This section shall provide a generalized description of the equipment or devices and shall describe its purpose or intended use.

The offeror shall also provide statements with its offer containing the same information for any consultants and subcontractors identified in its proposal and which will provide services under the solicitation.

(3) For a period of up to 90 calendar days after the contract start date, the contracting officer will periodically provide the contractor with an updated listing of adversely affected Federal personnel reflecting personnel who were recently released from their competitive levels or separated as a result of the contract award. The contractor has a right under this clause to determine adequacy of the qualifications of adversely affected Federal personnel for any employment openings.

However, adversely affected Federal personnel who held jobs in the Government commercial activity that directly correspond to an employment opening shall be considered qualified for the job.

(2) means position vacancies created by this contract that the contractor is unable to fill with personnel in the contractor’s employ at the time of the contract award.

The term includes positions within a 50-mile radius of the commercial activity that indirectly arise in the contractor’s organization as a result of the contractor’s reassignment of employees due to the award of this contract. (1) For a period beginning with contract award and ending 90 calendar days after the contract start date, no person other than adversely affected Federal personnel on the current listing provided by the contracting officer shall be offered an employment opening until all adversely affected and qualified Federal personnel identified by the contracting officer have been offered the job and refused it.

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