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The assailant was identified as Jackie Burke, 41, of West Sacramento.The Sheriff's Department said in a press release that it pursued Burke because of a tip from a state parole officer about a domestic violence incident.Officers then fired a beanbag round at Burke before sending Jedi to bring him down, the department said.

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Mark in lieu of signature Subject to the provisions relating to bills of exchange, any person unable to sign may make a duly certified mark by hand or give a certified declaration in lieu of a signature.

He then led officers on a slow-speed pursuit to a parking lot on the 8300 block of Fair Oaks Blvd.

When Burke stopped and exited his vehicle, the department said, he was concealing one of his hands, leading officers to believe he had a weapon.

Until such time as an agent becomes aware that his authority has ended, his actions continue to give rise to rights and obligations on the part of the principal or the latter's legal successors as if the agent's authority still existed.2 This does not apply in cases in which the third party is aware that the agent's authority has ended.

Where a person without authority enters into a contract on behalf of a third party, rights and obligations do not accrue to the latter unless he ratifies the contract.2 The other party has the right to request that the represented party ratify the contract within a reasonable time, failing which he is no longer bound by it.

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