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June 30, 1975 NOTICE OF COMMENTS Comments on this draft environmental impact report are encouraged.All comments should be submitted within 30 days of the publication of this report, or by May 12, 1975.Finally, the ACC would improve the quality of medical education by expand- ing educational programs in primary care and ambulatory referral care.

None of the project area is presently being utilized for agricultural purposes since it is an urban site, already developed. Will the project(s) require a variance from, or result in a violation of, any statute, ordinance, by-law, regulation or standard, the major purpose of which is to prevent or minimize damage to the environment?AMBULATORY CARE CENTER FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT Submitted to The Massachusetts Department of Public Health Submitted by The Massachusetts General Hospital and The Cambridge Street Community Development Corporation FINAL ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT FOR THE MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL AMBULATORY CARE CENTER Prepared for: Massachusetts Department of Public Fealth Certificate of Need Program DPH No. 01273 Prepared by: Resource Planning Associates, Inc. Jane Kreamer, Department of Public Health, 80 Boylston Street, Room 925, Boston, Massachusetts 727-6274. Please direct your comments, preferably in writing to Ms.—^ J This agency is charged with the responsibility of reviewing applications from health care facilities for a determination of need under G. Describe the geographical area or areas which will be affected by the project (s), including distinguishing natviral and man-made characteris- tics, and a brief description of the present use of the area or areas. V The Center will be built on the main campus of the Hospital at the Fruit Street location. Aasenamont of Knvi ronmental Damage Answer the following questions by placing a check In the appropriate space; consider both short and long terra damage.It will be located on North Grove Street on the site of the present Moseley and Wolcott buildings which will be demolished. Wherever "No" is checked, indicate on the lines below the question why there will be no significant damage. Could the project (s) affect the use of a recreational area or area of important aesthetic value? Are any of the natural or man-made features in affected area(s) unique; that is, not found in other parts of the Commonwealth or nation?

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