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Da biste imali pristup kompletnom sadržaju foruma, diskusijama, koristili pogodnosti slanja privatnih poruke itd, potrebno je da se registrujete KLIKOM OVDE.Posle procesa registracije, putem e-maila koji ste uneli, dobićete link za aktivaciju naloga. U suprotnom nećemo biti u mogućnosti da vam pošaljemo aktivacioni link.

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As of Dec 19, I have no word about when the replacement will ship, only that they received the defective one.This tripod/fluid head is designed to jump out of a vehicle, travel on foot for miles to video older bucks, am using with Canon XA 25, so light gear, tripod stable, horizontal and vertical adjustments are smooth reviewing on editing. It's small and compact, and fits easily in my carry-on luggage.It's a little wobbly when fully extended, but with a 5D M3 and 24-70mm 2.8 still, and not being articulated during a video shoot, it does well and isn't really affected by wind.It's ideal for lightweight, mobile applications, such as vlogging, but supports loads up to 8.8 lb.The Befree Live Video Head features a smooth, fluid drag pan/tilt system and offers two intuitive on/off knobs to separately lock and unlock pan and tilt movement.

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