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We also use PRT records not MX, A or CNAME records here. If you want to add some more host names with static IP addresses make the entries in /var/lib/bind/zone, for lookups and /var/lib/bind/for the reverse lookups.Say we have a machine called desktop1 which has an IP address of we can use the following: You can check the syntax of your bind9 config files with the following command.

This DNS will use these IP addresses to forward queries it cannot answer directly.

If you change the permissions, each time bind is updated you will need to change them back again. The answer proposed by the upstream developers is that when you are using DHCP with DDNS you copy the file from /etc/bind into /etc/dhcp/ddns-keys.

The permissions also need to be changed on the new file. This limits access to your server and LAN only when applied to options.

I believe this type of zone is unwarranted, the user can always install and configure an ad-blocker.

It is not up to the network guy to block this type of content.

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