Lauren conrad dating actor

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Colletti was born in Newport Beach, California, the youngest child of Lorilee (née Goodall) and Bruce Colletti.

Colletti has an older brother John, and an older sister Lauren.

So, I did what any bored 20something did back then — I indulged in lots and lots of reality television, namely The Hills, The City, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

TV Personality, Fashion Designer, Author Green Eyes.

Lauren’s nature of switching to different boyfriend at a frequent pace makes her distinct from others.

Heidi tells her that she loves shopping and she wants to work in PR and event planning, because she likes parties.

The admissions woman tells Heidi you actually have to work in the industry for a long time before you get to plan parties for a living. Can we also just take this moment to appreciate Heidi before all of her plastic surgery? Lauren told the admissions woman that she was very serious about a career in fashion and had very high hopes for landing an internship at Teen Vogue. Today, she's a published young adult author with eight books under her belt and has several fashion lines: LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown.

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