Is ryan gosling still dating eva mendes

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When Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling announced that they would be expecting their first child back in 2014, the news shocked fans across the world.It had seemed like their relationship had just been officially confirmed, and then the next thing we knew, they were expecting children.This list rounds up the most interesting 20 secrets about the infamously private Hollywood couple, from the stories behind their daughters’ names, to how they've adjusted to family life and kids, to how they really feel about working with each other on set.Here are the 20 Secrets About Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ Private Marriage.Gosling and Mendes have been hugely private ever since they first started dating back in 2011, and they’ve become absolute pros at avoiding paparazzi and keeping their private lives under wraps since then.Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling first worked together Derek Cianfrance’s 2013 movie , where they played an estranged couple with a young son. Since then, the A-list pair have worked on other professional projects together, such as Gosling’s directorial debut , in which Mendes played the character Kat.

The married pair of A-list actors is both one of the most attractive couples working in Hollywood right now and one of the industry’s most secretive.Mendes was even once photographed pretending to struggle with some laundry and a handbag in order to cover up her baby bump.Though some might wonder why Mendes would go to such extreme lengths, the actress has since explained why she and Gosling kept the news secret for so long.Actors Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ relationship is reportedly fractured beyond repair.The La La Land actor and Mendes’s 6-year relationship is at “breaking point” after having a fight following the Oscars, reports Gosling is angry with Mendes for lack of support.

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