Intimidating looking dogs

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It is intensely loyal to its master and suspicious of strangers, and some claim its aloof personality is somewhat cat-like.Weighing up to 70lbs, the purple-tongued Chow was used for hunting and guarding in its native China, and was also frequently eaten, which may go a long way toward explaining its charming personality.There is no clear link between them, but it is likely that the Shar Pei and the Chow Chow have a common ancestor; both are extremely antiquated breeds and sport the distinctive purple tongue.

Once among the rarest dogs on the planet, the pudgy, wrinkly Shar Pei has been a resident of China for over two thousand years.

There is no “cure” for rage syndrome, although anti-epilepsy medications have occasionally proven effective.

The Bull Terrier’s comical, egg-shaped head and its appearances as Spuds Mac Kenzie and the Target mascot have done much to paint this breed in a false light.

In a previous list, I highlighted ten breeds of dog that have become subject to bans throughout the world for their immensity and aggression. Many little dogs bite as much, if not more frequently than their larger brethren.

Because of their smaller size, the bites aren’t serious and rarely require medical attention, which skews the statistics unfairly.

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