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(For example, the user can go to the search box with Alt-G, press the down arrow to pull down the search engine menu, then type "w" in the search box to select the "wikipedia" search engine.) Use The Google Toolbar also enables you to create a button to execute most any website's search engine using the term the user types into the toolbar search box.

Notably, a custom search button can use most any website's search engine, not just Google's.When clicked on, a search button can perform any of the following tasks: Custom Buttons).If your button does search, the title should be unique to all your search custom button title, as it also functions as that button name in the Google Toolbar search box.There are several sites on the Internet that will do the encoding for you -- for instance, this one.On that site, use the "Browse..." button to select the file you want to encode, then click the "Convert the source data" button to start the encoding.

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