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Eagle House see EUREKA - OLD TOWN - EAGLE HOUSE Eagles (Organization) see SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS - EAGLES EARTH DAY - 1990s xx Environment EARTH FIRST! ECONOMIC CONDITIONS (Divided by date) see also CENTER FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT; EMPLOYMENT; INDUSTRIAL PROMOTION; PROSPERITY!(Divided by date) see also BIOGRAPHY - HILL, JULIA (Butterfly); LUMBER COMPANIES - PACIFIC LUMBER CO.; OLD GROWTH FOREST CONSERVATION xx Lumber Companies - Pacific Lumber Co., 1985-; Lumbering - Environmental Aspects x Bari, Judy; Butterfly, Julia; Hill, Julia (Butterfly); Luna; Pepper Spray; "Redwood Summer" *1980s; 1990; 1991-1995; 1996-1999; 2000- EARTHQUAKE EDUCATION see also EMERGENCY SERVICES EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING see also Names of buildings xx Earthquakes EARTHQUAKES (Divided by date) see also EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING; EMERGENCY SERVICES; Names of towns affected by earthquakes; TSUNAMI xx Landslides; Tsunami *To 1949; 1950-1979; 1980s; 1990-1991; 1992; 1993- Earthworms see SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL East Lab see SCHOOLS, SECONDARY - EUREKA; EAST LAB East-West Center see HOLISTIC HEALTH Eastern Star see SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS - MASONIC LODGE Ecological Services see ENVIRONMENTAL AND ECOLOGICAL SERVICES Ecological Society see HUMBOLDT BAY ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY Ecology Corps see HUMBOLDT ECOLOGY CENTER (WEOTT) Econewsletter see S 940 E37 H. ; REDWOOD REGION ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION x Bankruptcy; Poverty *To 1969; 1970-1979; 1980-1989; 1990-1999; 2000- EDUCATION (Divided by date) see also ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION; PROFILES OF SCHOOL DISTRICT PERFORMANCE; REDWOOD DISCOVERY MUSEUM; RENAISSANCE NEWSLETTER; SCHOOLS - [subheading]; SPECIAL EDUCATION; TEACHERS x North Coast PACE Reports; PACE *To 1969; 1970s; 1980-1984; 1985-1989; 1990-1991; 1992-1993; 1994-1995; 1996- Education, Sex see SEX EDUCATION Education, Vocational see VOCATIONAL EDUCATION EEL RIVER (Divided by date) see also BENBOW DAM xx Flood Control x Friends of Eel River *To 1969; 1970s; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s EEL RIVER BASIN STUDY NEWSLETTER EEL RIVER - BIBLIOGRAPHY Eel River Conservation Camp see PRISONS EEL RIVER WATER COUNCIL see also DAMS, DOS RIOS (PROPOSED) xx Dams, Dos Rios (Proposed) EEL RIVER WILDLIFE AREA x Mc Nulty Slough Elder Abuse see AGED - ABUSE OF Elderly see AGED ELECTIONS (Divided by date) see also ELECTIONS, COUNTY; POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT; VOTING xx Politics and Government; Voting *1900; 1972; 1974; 1976; 1978; 1979; 1980; 1981; 1982; 1984; 1986; 1988; 1990; 1992; 1993; 1994; 1995; 1996; 1998; 2000- ELECTIONS, COUNTY (Divided by date) see also ELECTIONS xx Politics and Government - Board of Supervisors *1968; 1972; 1974; 1976; 1978 (see also Howell Initiative); 1980; 1981; 1982; 1984; 1986; 1988; 1989; 1990; 1992; 1994; 1996-1997; 1998- ELECTIONS - JUDICIAL DISTRICTS xx Elections - Special Districts ELECTIONS, MUNICIPAL (Divided by date) see also ARCATA - CITY COUNCIL *1933; 1975; 1976; 1978; 1979; 1980; 1981; 1982; 1984; 1986; 1988; 1990; 1991; 1992; 1994; 1996; 1998; 2000 ELECTIONS, NATIONAL (Divided by date) *1916; 1972; 1974; 1976; 1978; 1980; 1982; 1984; 1986; 1988; 1990; 1992; 1994; 1996; 1998; 2000 Elections - 19th Century see POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT; To 1899 ELECTIONS - SPECIAL DISTRICTS see also ELECTIONS - JUDICIAL DISTRICTS ELECTIONS, STATE (Divided by date) x Propositions (California Elections) *1974; 1976; 1978; 1979; 1980; 1982; 1984; 1986; 1988; 1990; 1992; 1993; 1994; 1996; 1998; 2000- Electricity see PUBLIC UTILITIES EL HERALDO Elk see WILDLIFE - ELK ELK RIVER Elks Club see SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS - ELKS Embezzlement see CRIME AND CRIMINALS - FRAUD, EMBEZZLEMENT, ETC.*1950s; 1960s; 1970-1972; 1973-1979; 1980-1982; 1983-1985; 1986- HUMBOLDT BAY SOUTH SPIT see also HOMELESSNESS (1993-) x South Spit HUMBOLDT BAY WASTEWATER AUTHORITY (Divided by date) see also SEWAGE DISPOSAL xx Humboldt Bay - Pollution; Sewage Disposal *1974; 1975; 1976; 1977; 1978; 1979- Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation see GARDENING Humboldt Child Care Council see CHILD CARE Humboldt Child Trauma Council see CHILD ABUSE HUMBOLDT CITY Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights see LAND USE HUMBOLDT COMMON MARKET x Cooperatives HUMBOLDT COMMUNITY BREAST HEALTH PROJECT see also CANCER HUMBOLDT COMMUNITY CURRENCY PROJECT x Humboldt Exposure HUMBOLDT COMMUNITY GARDEN HUMBOLDT COMMUNITY SERVICE DISTRICT Humboldt Connections see JUVENILE DELINQUENCY Humboldt Cooperage Company see CALIFORNIA BARREL COMPANY (ARCATA) HUMBOLDT COUNTY.ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER x Administrative Officer HUMBOLDT COUNTY ASSESSOR see also TAXATION xx Taxation Humboldt County Association for the Retarded see MENTALLY HANDICAPPED Humboldt County.

DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME FISH-CULTURE see also FISH HATCHERIES xx Fishes and Fishing x Aquaculture; Fish Farming Fish Farming see FISH-CULTURE Fish Habitat Relationships Currents see FHR CURRENTS FISH HATCHERIES (Divided by date) see also FISH HATCHERIES - ANNUAL REPORTS; Fish Bulletin #150 in Cal Doc section (F 650.


ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER ADOPTION see also FAMILY PLANNING xx Family Planning Adorni Project see EUREKA - PARKS - ADORNI PROJECT Adult Education see SCHOOLS - ADULT EDUCATION ADVENTURE'S EDGE xx Recreation x Arcata Transit Authority; Human Powered Transportation News Advertising, Outdoor see BILLBOARDS AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS Aerobics see PHYSICAL FITNESS Affirmative Action see DISCRIMINATION IN EMPLOYMENT AGED (Divided by date) see also AGED - RETIRED SENIOR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM; ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE; GRAY PANTHERS OF THE NORTH COAST; NURSING HOMES; SALVATION ARMY xx Area I Agency on Aging; Humboldt-Del Norte Area Conference on Aging x Elderly; Humboldt Senior Resource Center; Meals on Wheels; Old Age; Senior Citizens *To 1979; 1980-1984; 1985-1989; 1990-1999; 2000- AGED - ABUSE OF x Elder Abuse AGED - RETIRED SENIOR VOLUNTEER PROGRAM xx Aged x Retired Senior Volunteer Program; RSVP Agent Orange see VETERANS THE AGITATOR x Political Activists Agricultural Preserves see HUMBOLDT COUNTY - PLANNING AGRICULTURE (Divided by date) see also FARMERS' MARKET; HUMBOLDT COUNTY FARM BUREAU; HUMBOLDT COUNTY FARM BUREAU NEWSLETTER; HUMBOLDT FRUIT AND VEGETABLE GROWERS JOURNAL; INDUSTRIES; NORTH COAST GROWERS ASSOCIATION; ORGANIC FARMING; PLANT SCIENCE PRESS x Poultry *To 1969; 1970-1999; 2000- AH-HA!

ARCATA MUNICIPAL SOLAR AND CONSERVATION UTILITY xx Solar Energy Arcata - Oxidation Ponds see ARCATA WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY ARCATA - PARKS x Arcata - Little League Park (Proposed); Arcata - Recreation ARCATA - PLANNING (Divided by date) see also S 932 C3 A7 HCC x Arcata - Conservation and Open Space Element; Arcata - General Plan; Design manuals *To 1975; 1976-1979; 1980-1984; 1985-1989; 1990- ARCATA - PLAZA see also ARCATA - PLAZA - MCKINLEY STATUE; BUM TIMES; JACOBY BUILDING ARCATA - PLAZA - MCKINLEY STATUE xx Arcata - Plaza - Mc Kinley Statue x Mc Kinley Statue ARCATA - POLICE DEPARTMENT Arcata - Recreation see ARCATA - PARKS Arcata - Redevelopment see ARCATA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY Arcata - Redwood Park see ARCATA COMMUNITY FOREST Arcata Renters Rebate Committee see TAXATION - PROPOSITION 13 Arcata Resource Area see U. BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT Arcata - Sewage Plant see ARCATA WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY ARCATA - SISTER CITIES xx Central America - Local Activists x Camoapa, Nicaragua; I Block Party Arcata Skate Park see ARCATA - PARKS Arcata Stormwater Runoff see ARCATA WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY ARCATA - STREETS xx Roads Arcata Teen Council see YOUTH CLUBS Arcata Transit Authority see ADVENTURE'S EDGE ARCATA - UTILITIES xx Arcata - Water Supply ARCATA - VALLEY WEST x Valley West ARCATA WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY (Divided by date) see also HUMBOLDT BAY WASTEWATER AUTHORITY xx Sewage Disposal x Arcata Marsh; Arcata - Oxidation Ponds; Arcata - Sewage Plant; Arcata - Stormwater Runoff; Butcher Slough; Mc Kinleyville - Sewage Disposal; Ocean Ranch Freshwater Marsh Wastewater Treatment Facilities; Upwind; Van Vleet Property *To 1979; 1980-1984; 1985-1986; 1987-1989; 1990- ARCATA WASTEWATER TREATMENT FACILITY - BIBLIOGRAPHIES ARCATA - WATER SUPPLY see also ARCATA - UTILITIES xx Mad River ARCHAEOLOGY see also TSURAI x Indian Relics Area I Agency on Aging see AGED ARMED FORCES see also NATIONAL GUARD; Names of individual unites or branches xx National Guard x Military Units Army Corps of Engineers see U. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS Arrow Tree see INDIANS - ARROW TREE Arson see CRIME AND CRIMINALS - ARSON ART (Divided by date) see also AD HOC HUMBOLDT ARTS COMMITTEE; AH-HA! Barnum Competition Awards see Archives Pamphlet Collection: ADMINISTRATION - AWARDS - CHARLES BARNUM AWARD; For winning essays see F 868 H8 B37 Barrel Company see CALIFORNIA BARREL COMPANY (ARCATA) Bars see SALOONS Barter Bank see NORTHCOAST COOPERATIVE JOURNAL Baseball see SPORTS - BASEBALL Baskets see INDIAN BASKETS Battered Women see WIFE ABUSE Bayshore Mall see EUREKA - SHOPPING MALLS - BAYSHORE MALL BAYSIDE see also SOCIETIES AND ORGANIZATIONS - GRANGE xx Indianola BEACH AND DUNES ADVISORY COMMITTEE xx Coastline Protection; Lanphere-Christensen Dunes Preserve; Off-Road Vehicles; Parks& Beaches Beach Buggies see OFF-ROAD VEHICLES Beaches see PARKS AND BEACHES BEAR RIVER Bears see WILDLIFE - BEARS; ZOOS BEAUTY PAGEANTS x Miss Humboldt Pageant Beaux Arts Ball see INK PEOPLE BED AND BREAKFAST INNS xx Hostels; Hotels Bed Tax see TOURISM BEE CULTURE x Beekeeping Beekeeping see BEE CULTURE BENBOW DAM xx Eel River BENBOW INN xx Hotels BERRIES x Blackberries BIBLIOGRAPHY BIBLIOGRAPHY - ADDITIONS TO PARKER BIBLIOGRAPHY BICENTENNIAL BICYCLE MASTER PLAN xx Cycling x Arcata - Bicycle Master Plan BICYCLE MASTER PLAN - MAPS Bicycle Paths see CYCLING Bicycling see CYCLING Big-box stores see DEPARTMENT STORES BIG BROTHERS/BIG SISTERS BIGFOOT (Divided by date) x Sasquatch *To 1899; 1900-1949; 1950s; 1960-1963; 1964-1966; 1967; 1968; 1969; 1970-1972; 1973-1976; 1977-1979; 1980s; 1990s; 2000- BIGFOOT - BIBLIOGRAPHIES (Divided by date) *To 1979; 1980-1984; 1985- BIGFOOT - GENERAL BIGFOOT - MANIMALS NEWSLETTER x Manimals Newsletter BIGFOOT TIMES BILLBOARDS see also ARCATA - LAWS, STATUTES, ETC. see MARIJUANA CASA see COURT APPOINTED SPECIAL ADVOCATE OF HUMBOLDT C. OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ADMINISTRATION CALENDARS see also names of groups producing calendars CALIFORNIA BARREL COMPANY (ARCATA) x Barrel Company; Humboldt Cooperage Co. NORTH COAST REGION; Names of towns and other localities; WETLANDS xx Wetlands x Marine Sanctuaries; National Marine Sanctuaries *To 1972; 1973-1978; 1979-1980; 1981-1982; 1983- COGENERATION xx Energy Coins see NUMISMATICS - COLLECTORS AND COLLECTING COLLEGE OF THE REDWOODS (Divided by date) x Junior College *1960s; 1970s; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s The Colony see COMMUNES Comets see ASTRONOMY COMMUNES COMMUNITY CONGRESS COMMUNITY CROSSROADS Community Forest, Arcata see ARCATA COMMUNITY FOREST Community Gardens see GARDENING COMMUNITY SERVICE "Company Towns" see LUMBER COMPANIES COMPREHENSIVE EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING ACT see also JOBS PARTNERSHIP TRAINING ACT xx Employment; Federal Programs; Vocational Education x CETA COMPUTERS see also TELECOMMUNICATION COMPUTERS - SEQUOIA MACINTOSH USERS' GROUP x Known Users; Sequoia Mac Intosh Users' Group Conscientious Objectors see HUMBOLDT ECOLOGY CENTER (WEOTT) CONSERVANCIES see also JACOBY CREEK LAND TRUST; MCKINLEYVILLE LAND TRUST; TRINIDAD - PLANNING x Buckeye Conservancy; Northcoast Regional Land Trust CONSERVATION see also NATURAL RESOURCES; WILDLIFE, CONSERVATION OF x Resources Conservation District Conservation Council see REDWOOD REGION CONSERVATION COUNCIL CONSUMER AFFAIRS CONSUMER FRAUD CONTACT CENTER xx Social Service Agencies Convention Center see EUREKA COMMUNITY CONFERENCE CENTER (PROPOSED) COOKHOUSES see also SAMOA COOKHOUSE Cooperatives see ARCATA CO-OP; HUMBOLDT COMMON MARKET Coroner see HUMBOLDT COUNTY.

- REFLECTIONS OF HUMBOLDT ARTS; FERNDALE ART FESTIVAL; FORTUNA ART FESTIVAL; HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL; INDIANS - ART; MUDFLAT SCULPTURE; NORTHCOAST ARTS; REDWOOD ART ASSOCIATION; ROMANO GABRIEL SCULPTURE GARDEN; THE CATCHPENNY x Humboldt Docent Council *To 1989; 1990s; 2000- ART - GALLERIES AND MUSEUMS see also CLARKE HISTORICAL MUSEUM ART - MURALS x Murals ARTISANS (Divided by date) see also POTTERY; QUILTING; WEAVING x Craftsmen; Crocheting; Needlework *To 1989; 1990- ARTISTS (Divided by date) see also ARTISTS - BIBLIOGRAPHY; INK PEOPLE xx Artists - Biography; Art *To 1999; 2000-2009; 2010- ARTISTS - BIOGRAPHY (Divided alphabetically) see also ARTISTS (for articles about more than one artist) *A-I; J-R; S-Z Artmaking see INK PEOPLE ARTS COMPLEX (Proposed) x Performing Arts Center (Proposed) Asbestos see HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - ASBESTOS Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics see SIX RIVERS NATIONAL FOREST ASTROLOGY ASTRONOMY x Comets; Meteors ATHLETES (for items about more than one person) ATHLETES - BIOGRAPHY (Divided alphabetically) see also SPORTS xx Biography x Pigg, Mike *A-H; I-Q; R-Z Atomic Power Plant see HUMBOLDT BAY POWER PLANT ATOMIC WEAPONS AND DISARMAMENT see also ELECTIONS, STATE - 1982; NUCLEAR FREE TIMES; REDWOOD ALLIANCE; U. NAVY - CENTERVILLE FACILITY xx Redwood Alliance x Citizens for Social Responsibility; Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament; Physicians for Social Responsibility AUCTIONS AUDUBON SOCIETY xx Wildlife; Wildlife - Birds AUTHORS see also BIOGRAPHY - HARTE, BRET; BIOGRAPHY - ROSS, JOHN; LITERARY EFFORTS x Writers Auto Free Times see ALLIANCE FOR A PAVING MORATORIUM Automobile Accidents see TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS AUTOMOBILES (Divided by date) see also MOTOR STAGES xx Motor Stages x"Cruising"; Transportation *To 1969; 1970-1999; 2000- Automobiles, Abandoned see SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL AUTOMOBILES - SAFETY xx Traffic Accidents Avenue of the Giants see ROADS - HIGHWAY 101 Avenue of the Giants Marathon see RUNNING AVIATION (Divided by date) see also CIVIL AIR PATROL xx U. Postal Service x Airshow; Blimps *To 1959; 1960-1979; 1980-1999; 2000- AZALEA STATE RESERVE Back to Top BABBS BLABBS Backpacking see RECREATION Bahamas see FLOODS - 1964 BAIL see also OWN-RECOGNIZANCE RELEASE PROGRAM xx Law Enforcement Balance see HOLISTIC HEALTH BALD MOUNTAIN Balloon Track see EUREKA - BALLOON TRACT BALLOONS Banana Slug Race see PRAIRIE CREEK REDWOODS STATE PARK Bankruptcy see ECONOMIC CONDITIONS BANKS AND BANKING (Divided by date) see also CREDIT UNIONS x Savings and Loan Companies *To 1979; 1980s; 1990s; 2000s BARBERS Bari, Judy see EARTH FIRST! x Advertising, Outdoor; Signs and sign boards Bingo Parlor - Trinidad Rancheria see TRINIDAD RANCHERIA Biodiversity see NORTH COAST INTERAGENCY NATURAL COORDINATING COMMITTEE BIOGRAPHY (Divided by letter, with separate envelopes for prominent individuals) see also ARTISTS - BIOGRAPHY; ATHLETES - BIOGRAPHY; INDIANS - BIOGRAPHY; Names of professions, i.e., DOCTORS, TEACHERS Birds see WILDLIFE - BIRDS x Godwit Days Birth Center see CHILDBIRTH BIRTH CONTROL see also ABORTION; FAMILY PLANNING xx Family Planning x Vasectomy BIRTH DEFECTS xx Childbirth Birthright of Humboldt see FAMILY PLANNING Bisexual see LGBTQ Blackberries see BERRIES BLACKS IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY Blimps see AVIATION BLIND xx Handicapped x Braille; Dogs BLOCKSBURG BLOGS see also NEWSPAPERS BLOOD BANKS xx Medical Care The Blue Egg see DRUG ABUSE - TREATMENT Blue Heron Center see DRUG ABUSE - TREATMENT BLUE LAKE (Divided by date) *To 1929; 1930-1959; 1960-1979; 1980- BLUE LAKE - HISTORY BLUE LAKE - LAKE BLUE LAKE - MAPS BLUE LAKE - ULTRAPOWER PLANT xx Energy x Ultrapower Plant BLUE OX MILLWORKS see also LUMBERING - MUSEUMS; SCHOOLS Board of Supervisors see POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT - BOARD OF SUPERVISORS Boat Basin see SMALL CRAFT HARBOR (EUREKA) BODY MARKING x Tattooing THE BOLDT Bonsai see GARDENING Boontling see LANGUAGE Bosco, Douglas see POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT - CONGRESS (BOSCO) BOTTLES - COLLECTORS AND COLLECTING x Humboldt Antique Bottle Collectors; The Stopper BOUNDARIES xx Surveying BOY SCOUTS xx Youth Clubs Boys and Girls Club see YOUTH CLUBS Braille see BLIND BREAST FEEDING x La Leche League BREWERIES BRICELAND see also ETTERSBURG BRICKS BRIDGES see also COVERED BRIDGES; FERNBRIDGE; Names of towns or places where bridges are located; Names of roads BRIDGES - SAMOA xx Indian Island x Samoa Bridge BRIDGEVILLE BRIZARD INK. California Board of Forestry see CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY CALIFORNIA COASTAL COMMISSION. DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME x Fish and Game, Department of CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY see also FOREST FIRES xx Forest Fires; Forests and Forestry x California Board of Forestry; California Division of Forestry CALIFORNIA. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION xx Transportation California Division of Forestry see CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY CALIFORNIA. Camoapa, Nicaragua see ARCATA - SISTER CITIES Camp Fire, Inc. CENTERVILLE FACILITY CENTRAL AMERICA - LOCAL ACTIVISTS see also ARCATA - SISTER CITIES x Sanctuary Movement CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE see also ARCATA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE; EUREKA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE xx Humboldt County Chambers of Commerce CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS see also CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS - [Name of organization]; SALVATION ARMY; UNITED WAY OF HUMBOLDT xx Food Bank; Homelessness x Poverty; Walk for Humanity CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS - EUREKA RESCUE MISSION (Divided by date) see also HOMELESSNESS xx Homelessness x Eureka Rescue Mission *To 1989; 1990-1999; 2000- CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS - RED CROSS x Red Cross Chautauqua see ENTERTAINMENT Chesbro, Wesley see POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT - California (Chesbro) Chicago Bridge and Iron Dry Dock Plant see HISTORY - 1940- CHILD ABUSE (Divided by date) see also COURT APPOINTED SPECIAL ADVOCATE OF HUMBOLDT xx Child Care x Helping Hand Program; Humboldt Child Trauma Council; Incest; Parents Anonymous *1970s; 1980-1984; 1985-1989; 1990- CHILD CARE (Divided by date) see also CHILD ABUSE; PRE' xx Preschools x Day Care; Humboldt Child Care Council; Hum Mums *To 1979; 1980-1989; 1990-1999; 2000-2009; 2010- Child Support see HUMBOLDT COUNTY FAMILY SUPPORT UNIT CHILDBIRTH see also BIRTH DEFECTS; FAMILY PLANNING xx Family Planning x Birth Center; Midwives CHINESE IN HUMBOLDT COUNTY see also HUMBOLDT COUNTY - "SISTER PROVINCE" Chlorine see HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES - CHLORINE Choices see FAMILY PLANNING Christian Business Directory see BUSINESS DIRECTORIES Christian School of Arcata see SCHOOLS Christmas see HOLIDAYS - CHRISTMAS CHURCHES (Divided by date) see also CHURCHES, CATHOLIC; RELIGION xx Religion x Orthodox Light; Saint Innocent Orthodox Church of Eureka *To 1979; 1980-1999; 2000- CHURCHES, CATHOLIC xx Churches x Catholic Church Cienfuegos, Paul see DEMOCRACY UNLIMITED Circle of Life Foundation see BIOGRAPHY - Hill, Julia (Butterfly) Circuses see ENTERTAINMENT CITIES AND TOWNS PLANNING see also REGIONAL PLANNING x Land Use; Planning; Zoning Citizens for Alternative Treatment Systems see SEWAGE DISPOSAL - ALTERNATE SYSTEMS Citizens for Social Responsibility see ATOMIC WEAPONS AND DISARMAMENT CITIZENSHIP x Naturalization City Employees see CIVIL SERVICE City Review see ARCATA - CITY HALL CIVIL AIR PATROL xx Aviation CIVIL DEFENSE CIVIL SERVICE (Divided by date) x Arcata - Employees; City Employees; Eureka - Employees; Fortuna - Employees; Humboldt County - Employees *To 1976; 1977-1979; 1980- Civilian Conservation Corps see U. CIVILIAN CONSERVATION CORPS CLAM BEACH see also PARKS AND BEACHES x Moonstone Beach Clams see SHELLFISH CLARKE HISTORICAL MUSEUM (Divided by date) xx Indian Baskets; Indians - Art *To 1969; 1970-1979; 1980-1989; 1990-1999; 2000-2009; 2010- Clausen, Don see POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT - CONGRESS (CLAUSEN) Clearcutting see FORESTS AND FORESTRY CLEVELAND CLIMATE see also CLIMATE - EUREKA; U. OFFICE OF CORONER Costco see DEPARTMENT STORES County Parks see PARKS AND BEACHES COURT APPOINTED SPECIAL ADVOCATE OF HUMBOLDT xx Child Abuse x CASA; North Coast CASA Connection Court of Indian Offenses see INDIANS - COURTS COURTS see also LAW ENFORCEMENT x Judges COURTS - EUREKA MUNICIPAL COURT x Eureka Municipal Court COURTS - JUSTICE COURTS x Justice Courts COURTS - PUBLIC DEFENDER'S OFFICE x Public Defender COURTS - SUPERIOR COURT x Superior Court COURTS - "THREE STRIKES" LAW x"Three Strikes" Law COVERED BRIDGES xx Bridges Coyotes see WILDLIFE - COYOTES CRAB FISHERIES (Divided by date) xx Fishes and Fishing *To 1979; 1980s; 1990s; 2000- Craftsmen see ARTISANS Crane, Dick.

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