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It is available as a download for Windows NT, The purpose of WMI is to define a proprietary set of environment-independent specifications which allow management information to be shared between management applications.WMI prescribes enterprise management standards and related technologies for Windows that work with existing management standards, such as Desktop Management Interface (DMI) and SNMP.Because of a constant increasing exposure of management data through WMI in Windows, people in the IT systems management field started to develop scripts and automation procedures based on WMI.Beyond the scripting needs, most leading management-software packages, such as MOM, SCCM, ADS, HP Open View for Windows (HPOV), BMC Software or CA, Inc.WMI extensions for WDM provide a set of Windows device driver interfaces for instrumenting data within the driver models native to Windows, so OEMs and IHVs can easily extend the instrumented data set and add value to a hardware/software solution.The WMI Driver Extensions, however, are not supported by Windows Vista and later operating systems.

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WMI is Microsoft's implementation of the Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) and Common Information Model (CIM) standards from the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF).The WMI extensions to WDM provide kernel-level instrumentation such as publishing information, configuring device settings, supplying event notification from device drivers and allowing administrators to set data security through a WMI provider known as the WDM provider.The extensions are part of the WDM architecture; however, they have broad utility and can be used with other types of drivers as well (such as SCSI and NDIS).Because WMI abstracts the manageable entities with CIM and a collection of providers, the development of a provider implies several steps.The major steps can be summarized as follows: have interpreted the growth in numbers of providers as a sign that WMI has become at Microsoft the "ubiquitous" management layer of Windows, even if Microsoft has never made this commitment explicit.

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