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Drawing in a line-up of great DJs and serving a variety of colourful vibrant cocktails, the venue's easy-going and friendly vibe is the perfect environment to make new acquaintances. With weekly speed dating nights, held every Tuesday, at All Bar One, the old excuse that you've got no way to meet people just won't work anymore.Overlooking the edge of the canal at Brindleyplace, All Bar One is a charming hubbub of young and single professionals looking to chat and mingle.Head over to Bennetts Hill to discover this drinking den, which takes its martinis very seriously indeed.As a cocktail bar that turns into a bustling club at night, Sobar is a great spot to meet someone new.

Get chatting to other local singletons over a fresh cocktail concoction (or three) in this smooth, lively Birmingham space.Paul's Square will certainly leave you with a beaming smile.Nuvo is unquestionably one of Birmingham's swankiest locations.Be At One has quickly established a reputation for offering some of the best, laid-back and relaxed nights out in Birmingham.With one of the most diverse cocktail lists that we've ever seen, they have everything you need for a singles night out on the town.

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