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C-entertainment (Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) went on a blitzkrieg yesterday with the dating news dump and November 13th is being called Red Wednesday. She was reportedly dating fellow songstress A Mei‘s personal assistant for years, photographed cuddling on the street and in couple haircut and tees.Either it was the case of the most surreptitious coordinating in the history of entertainment news or else the biggest coincidence ever. But that relationship was said to have ended early last year, and shortly Hebe started dating her former assistant at who was transferred to another group.If you have any question regarding to copyrights of images and articles, please contact us by e-mail (check "Contact") or chatbox. She replied: "You don't need to be with that someone when you're dating.

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For Pan: goats and satyrs For Hebe: a cup *EDIT* By heavonbound: No, that "cup" you type of is the chalice, or as some say is the holy grail.

She explained she is "afraid of strangers" and sighed that it's hard being a newcomer.

For newly elected President of South Korea, Bae Joohyun. After that incident, he never wants to fall in lov Here's a Bebu story starring Arron Yan and Hebe Tian, obviously. Credits to shin-oppa from We Got Fired for the beautiful poster and background. I have a new life to start now get out my life yelled Aaron. Yet in the midst of youth, there were many secrets they kept from each other. 12 years later, Xiumin begins to see Jae Hwa who is also in the form of a 28 year old woman in his home. Byun Jae Hwa died in a hit and run and ever since then, they all split up.

all though the chalice is not the grail, it is filled with wine at the last supper and spread about with the thirteen consumers of the supper.

the leanardo davinci painting is false, for there are thirteen singluar cups, and for real the last supper's wine intake was from the chalice, or cup of christ.

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