Ha ji won dating 2016

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I miss u so much,since your appa passed away,we know that you were very sad and need time to repair everything in mind,to begin new life without him,me too here also sad hear that news I can only pray for you,to be strong woman and I will waiting you. Even though you are a big star but you remain so humble. You and Kim Joo-Won seemed so natural in those roles. Seung-Nyang is a very loving wife , a very good queen .I am 1023 INA in this drama you performed as a teenager.i also trust it my idea is wrong. I watched that series so many times on Netflix that I bought the DVD. I wish that someday i can see you in personal,maybe when i grow up because i'm just 13 years old high school who wanted to go to south korea to see you ,'but i'm not that too old. I LOVE YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH :) Because of the Hwang Jin-Yi getting to know you, Ha Ji-Won. Seung-Nyang and Ta Hwan , your love is very touching , let us envy .you are a best actress in this drama as well as you is very cute in this drama than your real you do any martial art ? You are a perfect match with your co-star especially Joo Jin Mo. Can't wait to see more of you and Jin Mo in the near future be it a modern day or saeguk drama. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she's a bad ass and an amazing actress. hello unnie.the one and only idol I love since when i birth. I love the way you very talented and very beautiful. Ha Ji Won you are one of my favorite Korean actresses! Keep doing good film/drama series that would touch the lives of people all over the world. you are a excellent actress , Ji Chang-Wook is an excellent actor too .on the other hand i dislike your photo in this page[asian wiki] because your drama photos are good but this photo shows you as a late 40[age] woman Excellent acting! The first Korean drama I watched was Secret Garden. I hope i can see you in person "someday" hahaha(i wish).i dont care what negative i hear about you because your my idol and i love everything about you. She's one of the very versatile Korean Actresses capable of portraying any role assigned to her. 1 fan since when im gr.5 im starting to watch your movie secret garden and i really really love that!! -Jenick Indonesia- Ha Ji Won - a truly talented korean actress. I never really notice female leads in dramas - but Ha Ji-won was really memorable in Empress Ki. I love that you portray fearless women who "stick it to the man". I really love ha ji won I wish someday I see her personaly and have autograph with her.... I really admire her...I watch the empress ki that's the first time I admire her and beacause of the korean film empress ki I continued watch other film of ha ji won,... The plot made my heart aches and my tears kept on falling but I enjoy watching it. Job well done to all of you including the director and those behind the seen. Ha Jin Won played in the Empress Ki was an excellent one, along with all the main characters, like Joo Jin Mo and Ji Chang Wook and almost everybody else. You are the best CP, I hope you can Cooperate again in a TV show or movie . the versatility of your personal in your craft is very admirable..

She came from a large family of six (including her parents, 2 sisters, and one brother).I mean like,you make your comeback every year and it has been since your debut years.Wish for more of you in the future but please take care of your health and don't overwork yourself ok?I like your smile and fashion.#empresski #the time we were not inlove #phone #secret garden #king 2hearts #huntresses #hwang jin-yi #as one #his last gift. Next to Hyun Bin I loved her being paired with Lee JIn Wook. It would even be greater if they hit it off in real life. Her good performance, her character, her smile, her beauty... Unnie flighting, you know all your fans will love you and support you all the time. I like this drama with all its mistakes @elizabeth,same with u... i love the way you act the way you act like a boy owww i really like that!! Absolutely amazing performance, she delivers every time and does not disappoint. For the first time I found a female lead I could admire as a character and an actress. You show that girls can do high kicks and sword fighting, too! I love the part in King 2 Hearts where you protect Lee Seung Gi's character from the evil guy at the carousel. I am about to watch Empress Ki (I love the soundtrack! I wish that the empress ki is have a infinite episode..... The story is also excellent and Ive learned a lot from it. I've been with your journey since memories of Bali until now..you're one of the best actresses that I salute that much! the movie of Ha JIn Won Movies and tv show are the best talented,she can act like a boy, He's the one that I met her at all unique artists, almost all of his movies I watched, promise I can say that she is the one. Age is not restricting her from being loved through the characters she portray. I will be her fan even until she acts grandma roles. I always enjoy watching beautiful, strong, and smart female [email protected], if you hate Ha Ji Won so much It's your choice but stop posting the same post for 3-4 times , find something else , be more creative. I also feel so sad if I read negative comments about her,but I cant do anything,just still love everything about her and dont care with it. ♥ from indonesia I feel bad every time I read negative comments on my idol Ha Ji Won. I recently just discover her from the drama " the time that I love u " ! I am your fans since sega unnie, i search everything about you and i truly love you unnie,everything about you i always follows your new news everyday please stay healthy there find your right man soon..because i really can't wait for the wedding day of you.just kidding unnie sarangeee Hi unnie, im your big fan...i like your acting very much... then i watch the empress ki its so historical so i learn about the history and your leading man ji chang wook i think his the right guy for you hahahaha if you want because i think you are the best loveteam ever haha!! Btw im from philippines hope you visit here soon or someday and i hope i see you and you see me too. I watched your drama are The King 2 hearts & Empress Ki, also your movie 100 days with mr. I have since watched her in King 2Hearts and Secret Garden. Keep up the good the good work coz you're so blessed! I'm just wondering why she can not very popular, because most are viewing actor / actress in the popular and handsome / beautiful, but ha ji won is beutiful too!!! But for me she is the Best, The One...i love you my only one idol Wow, I'm really impressed! She looks as if she were just in her early thirties... You are amazing, No a terrible woman(from Dowager) Hahaha! Sungnyang was such a refreshing character to watch after watching too many Korean female leads without a brain it seems like. I always prefer watching a smart female lead that was rather plain like in the Thai drama Cubic than ditzy pretty/plain female.

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