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Guys two to four were all nice guys, we just aren't good matches.

MTV2's Guy Code is the ultimate guy's guide to the laws of manhood. Some say guys are born with it, but not everyone follows the same set of guidelines. Guy Code has been discussed on screen in "Old School", "Jersey Shore" and inadvertently analyzed on "Animal Planet" when discussing the customs of male species.

But to date, no show has created a playbook for all guys to follow. Need to know about everything from man-scaping to man-crushes, wing men and sexting, the rules of drinking, karaoke etiquette, and more?

Guy Code will feature today's top comics, athletes, entertainers, and even some experts to make sure all the players are up to date.

Sliding the stylus back into it’s slot and shutting the DS close, I wondered how dreary life had been before these gorgeous men had waltzed into my life.

Hours upon hours was spent tapping with the stylus for ‘skinship’, furious pushes of buttons and multiple checks to make sure I knew every detail about each guy and working towards getting their ‘confession endings’.

Of course, I answered, almost immediately and he grinned, elated at my response. ” and I watched his back as he walked down the hallway. Later that day, I ran into my stunning bleached blonde childhood friend and suggested we go home together, stopping by a cafe on the way back.

” came the proposition from the tall, bespectacled School Council president that I’d been eyeing for a few weeks.

We didn't have a spark (not that I had a spark with the others), but he was interesting and we talked about interesting things (vs the let's talk about our jobs for two hours conversations).He has asked me out since and our calendars haven't lined up.I don't know if I should see him again though because I don't think it'd be fair to him because I feel no spark. The premise is simple – set in a fictional Japanese high school, the protagonist, you, searches for love among the game’s variety of male characters (there’s a type for everyone!), and at the end of your three years in high school, you get an ‘ending’ based on how much you made them like you. Full completion of the game means unlocking all the cutscenes, special animations, images, dialogue and stories, and to do so requires very precise planning to fulfill the requirements.

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