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If willing, please call errors, omissions, unclear phrasing, or updated information to my attention, and I will try to correct them. If you have a particular keyword or case name in mind -- say the word "amalgamated" or a PRB case called the "Badura" case or PRB decision "1550" or your own last name -- you can find all mentions of it through the "search" or "edit" menu at the top of your browser. The table of contents is linked to the main text, throughout which there are also links to off- and on-site information.

As to corporations, the PRB compared them in one of its early decisions.

Brother White said he had the right to go back to his office in the local; the local had never formally accepted his resignation.

The International Executive Board ("IEB") said that in fairness and justice resuming the presidency should be allowed.

In 1957 Russell White resigned as president of UAW Local 652 in order to accept an appointment as Michigan's labor commissioner.

But then the Michigan Senate rejected the appointment.

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