Ga custody and dating laws

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The factors that are considered when deciding the legal and physical custody of the child or children are: There are two forms of custody.

Legal custody, which is typically shared, is the ability to make legal decisions on behalf of the child such as religious upbringing, schooling and medical decisions.

Understanding the process can help you to see the process more clearly.

Georgia is one of the states which allows both no-fault divorce and divorce with grounds.

There are several causes or reasons which can be used to obtain an annulment including: A religious annulment is an entirely separate matter and is handled by the church or other religious institution.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a way of working with natural third parties to reach agreement with your spouse without going to a trial. The form of ADR that is permitted in Georgia is mediation.

When one parent has sole physical custody, the other parent would have visitation rights, which would be according to a pre-determined schedule.

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According to Georgia statute a grandparent may petition the court for visitation privileges.

An annulment is a way of ending a marriage by having the marriage declared invalid.

It is as though the marriage never actually occurred.

The court does not prefer one spouse’s gender in terms of child custody, although there has been a preference shown for shared custody.

A divorcing couple has the right to request a trial by jury.

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