From dating to diapers

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Parenting all of these phases and situations isn’t easy, there are times when we wish we could use a “one size fits all” approach to parenting but that doesn’t work and in the end it won’t help our kids grow into the people God has designed them to be.Maybe you don’t have one in diapers and one ready to graduate at the same time, but we are still in the same boat.Would this be a deal breaker or would you still consider dating him?And how early on would you want to know this information? If a lifestyle choice: is it something you would give up if she is not receptive to it, or is your desire to wear them stronger than your desire to continue seeing her? Your openness and honesty with her have helped you two to overcome a hurdle together.

From time to time I (Todd) find myself being lazy – just saying “no” to my kids requests because I don’t want to think or move. Now and then I say “yes” because I don’t want to “be the bad guy.” It’s not easy but it’s my job.We are all looking to raise our kids in the way that helps them discover their gifts, learn to put others first, make wise choices, establish moral boundaries and have an authentic faith of their own. We see the trajectory of our kids choices and our work as parents.It is the task of parents to teach kids how to live today with tomorrow in mind.Attention POFers ladies, but there's no difference as we wear tampons or some older ladies wearing pads during menstrual time, right?Its similiar and seem awkward at times so I wouldn't have any problems with it.

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