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Hackers will often use phishing, malware, or other ways to steal users' login info to paid porn sites like Brazzers, Naughty America, Pornhub Premium, and others, and then re-sell that info at a discount on the dark net.If you're paying for a premium account to one of those sites, be on the lookout for scams or popups that ask for your login information, and change your password frequently.Malware can do anything from use your computer as a click-bot to secretly click on a bunch of online ads, or log keyboard presses to steal important info like passwords and card numbers. Here's How to Tell if You Have It Phishing is pretty simple to avoid: don't click.If you do click, or if you get an email or a pop-up ad, don't enter any information. Don't call any phone numbers, and don't download any software updates.

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Related: Here's What Kind of Porn Women Like to Watch Kaspersky sums up why hackers are still targeting porn users: "The difference is that, in general, victims of porn malware, especially the most severe scareware types of it, are unlikely to report the crime to anyone, because they would have to admit they were looking for or watching porn." If you think you've gotten a virus from porn, or anywhere else, it's not worth it to be ashamed. Malware on phones can also come from apps, so don't download any app that an ad on a porn site prompts you to download.For most browsers — like Google Chrome — Flash player is built-in, so you shouldn't have to worry about updating it.Stopping malware on porn sites is usually an exercise in discipline as well.Don't click the side-banner ads and pop ups, and don't agree to download any software from any website you encounter during a private-time internet session.

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