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For example, if Alice is a nurse, she might say “I don’t believe hand hygiene matters, and I’m going to try to convince the hospital administration to remove their rule mandating handwashing – but until I succeed, I’ll follow the rules and wash my hands just like everyone else.” If I trusted Alice, this would allay my concerns, and I would go back to wanting to debate with her instead of wanting her fired.See also Be Nice, At Least Until You Can Coordinate Meanness.Although there are many good people who should be approached as equals in the marketplace of ideas, there are also defectors against that marketplace who deserve to be ruthlessly crushed, and I was doing a public service by crushing one of them.And a third view: by being needlessly cruel in his article, the author had already forfeited the protection of “the marketplace of ideas”.Even though reasonable free speech norms demand that we fight bad ideas through counterargument rather than social punishment, in this case they should permit a campaign to get Alice fired.One solution here might be to give people the burden of demonstrating that their controversial opinions won’t lead to dangerous actions.

And it’s pro-social to tell other people not to eat at her restaurant either, and not to hire her as a nurse – and if she’s already a nurse, maybe to get her fired.This is dumb, and I don’t know if free speech supporters have articulated a meaningful alternative.I want to sketch out some possibilities for what that sort of alternative would look like.Some signaling of propensities can’t be so easily fixed.If Carol thinks that “Hitler should have finished the job”, I feel like this tells me a lot about Carol besides just her moral ranking of various World-War-II-related alternate histories.

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