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And if you don’t, a club member is likely to remind you because they want a clean pool. Most people seem to approach it with as much anticipation as a trip to the dentist, and with good reason.

Every spring, we’re surrounded by ads about how to obtain the perfect “bikini body,” eg thin, tanned and toned with no cellulite, wrinkles or imperfections.

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According to 2012 survey by the Water Quality and Health Council, only 32% of American adults said they always shower first, and many Americans — 44% — don’t even think a pre-swim shower is necessary.

They’re uncomfortable, tight and restricting before you even go in the water. now you have cold, sopping wet fabric clinging to your skin.

If you were swimming in the ocean or at a sandy beach, you’ve probably got some sand in your crotch, too.

It’s a message that only one type of body belongs in a bikini or any kind of revealing swimsuit.

Some body-positive campaigns have been trying to challenge this in recent years with memes saying that bikinis are for But even when you can ignore all the body-shaming media and advertising, you’re still faced with the task of finding a swimsuit that fits well.

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