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He guessed that they were newlyweds looking for an exciting change of pace. He had seen most of the items in the shop at one time or another.Movies like Pulp Fiction, Saw and Hostel were slowly giving cuffs, collars, ballgags and blindfolds a place in mainstream pop culture.Finally, Shelly put a heavily padded blindfold over Brian's eyes; helped Brian to his feet; and lead him around by the leash.

There was only a single sleeve; a tube which ran from one shoulder to the other, trapping the man's arms across his back.Shelly smiled at him and said to Amanda "We'll take it.""Whoa, hold on a minute." Brian said with a concerned smile."What's wrong? " his partner asked."Well, sure it fits, but it costs little more than we agreed to spend.""Oh, that again." said Shelly as she turned away from him rolling her eyes. "Fair enough."Shelly then fastened a posture collar around Brian's neck and attached a long leather leash to a ring on the front of it.Next, she removed a ball gag from a hook on the nearby wall and placed it in front of Brian's mouth."You trust me, right?He could hear Amanda give the same introduction to the couple that she had just given to him.She must have practiced her greeting to put people at ease.

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