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That’s as it should be as the name of the game is pay for play.

Still I could see how some really shy guys could have issues.

It’s because the place has become a famous venue for women from around the world to find men willing to shell out some money in exchange for a bit of fun. The vast majority of the women who work the Beach Club are Vietnamese.

They range in looks but most are at least fairly attractive.

The vibe is generally good with the worst of it usually being a guy drinking too much and making a fool of himself. There is an outdoor seating area that stretches quite a distance with two bars, a large bar inside, a large sitting area with a stage in front and a small bar in the back and another sitting area near one of the entrances.

Even with all this space though things quickly get crowded by about 10 PM.

There are no set rates at the Beach Club since the women working are in charge of their own finances.

There is a generally accepted range though it’s possible for things to go higher or lower depending on the people involved and the type of transaction being made.

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Most of them are not hardened in the least bit and plenty have regular lives that they return to back home.

There are always at least a handful of Eastern European women from Russia and former Soviet states but frankly they generally aren’t the best lookers.

They are most popular with local guys and Asian customers and they seem to know that.

The customers are as mixed as the women if not more.

White guys can be seen alongside local Malaysians, visiting Asians and other people from around the world.

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