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Five years later, they moved from their little log cabin to Smithville.

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It was also used in a variety of other ways in food processing and beyond. Mishler (notice the “c” missing in the surname), the eldest son of John C. The youngest son, Daniel Mishler, eventually took the reins of the family weaving business. If you are traveling the modern streets of Rome, look to one side or another, and you may see over a railing down to an excavation revealing what the community looked like thousands of years ago.The contrast is such that you lose yourself for a moment in wonder.Adventurous minds have made remarkable finds in the nooks and crannies of history, often unearthing a vein of gold in the form of fascinating stories that capture the imagination at a local level. When history comes alive before your eyes, all five senses dance in rhythm.It’s one thing to look at an old baseball card behind glass and another to hear the crack of a bat and see the ballplayer of the 1800s sprint to first base in his loose fit uniform.

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