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The Munsell color system also refers to red-violet as purple; in the Munsell color system, this color at the maximum chroma of 12 is called Red-Purple.

This convention is for chromatic purposes, since Red-Purple lies between violet and printer's magenta (the color regarded as magenta before the invention of the color electric magenta for computer displays).

The photos that are provided are almost useless, though, as is often the case on sites like this because they are tiny and often have a banner on the top of them that tell you if that model is online or not. It really has reached a point where a live cam site can really only be judged on the amount and range of live performers they have available to you.

With well over 300 online babes to choose from when I reviewed this site, there is a good, if not amazing, selection of performers for you to choose from here and the potential for a lot more at peak US hours.

Although red-purple is a seldom used color name in English, in Spanish it is regarded one of the major tones of purple. Smitten is one of the colors on the Resene Color List, a color list widely popular in Australia and New Zealand.

Flirting, at its most basic, is playfully showing you are romantically attracted to someone.

Red-violet or pigment purple (pigment red-violet) represents the way the color purple (red-violet) was normally reproduced in pigments, paints, or colored pencils in the 1950s on an old-fashioned RYB color wheel.

This color is displayed at right and is identical to the web color medium violet red.

those colors classified as "Warm colors", or colors that produces a feeling of warmth (as opposed to "cool colors").The pure chroma color composed of equal parts of magenta and red is called rose.In the use by artists, red-violet is equivalent to purple, however, although the color "purple" is inaccurately used by many people as a synonym for violet or a color close to violet, professional artists who use the RYB color wheel generally use the term "purple" to specifically refer to a pigment color that is equivalent to red-violet (i.e., the tertiary color between violet and red on the RYB color wheel) in order to give themselves a larger and more balanced palette of pigments to work with.The color that is the complement of red-violet, mint green, lies halfway between green and spring green.It is very close to sea green, but highly saturated, and of a bright hue.

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