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That is, until she saw a photo of actor Aidan Turner and realized how handsome he was. One condition and they agreed to that condition and that condition was in place for two years and the condition was, I will not be involved in a love triangle," Lilly dished.

"Because any of you who are fans of 'Lost...' I've had it up to here with love triangles and, sure enough, I come back for re-shoots in 2012 [on 'Smaug'] and they go, 'We've made a few adjustments to the love story,'" the actress laughed, referring to how Tauriel becomes the object of affection for both Turner's dwarf Kili and Orlando Bloom's elf Legolas.

It would be so easy with her nature, personality and drive to get her mother for her to become the motherly figure that's constantly scolding the juvenile boys, saying, "Now boys, let's focus, let's stop goofing around." I was just was terrified of the idea of this female superhero who's meant to represent a modern woman being some kind of horrible stereotype of "mommy." So I really voiced that , and every scene where there was any potential for that, I would push up against that and say, "Let's pay attention to this.

And I think it's really fresh and really fun to see a woman who knows how to take a joke and roll with things, but also can get the job done. What kind of parts were you offered after the show — because that show had such a huge cultural shadow to it — and how did they work with your professional goals?When we did I had to study a little bit of Muay Thai and MMA-style fighting.And MMA-style fighting is distinctly masculine, it's got a very masculine posture and a very masculine attack, and that was so difficult for me because I don't move that way naturally. I wanted to move the way my body wants to move, as a more graceful, feminine woman.But also, admittedly, something that I really challenged myself with is that it's very easy for me to say to myself, "You know what, let the boys be boys, let them tell their stories, let them play with their toys, don't get in the way with your perspective, because you're just being irritating." Because I think there is an unconscious message for little girls and women that when you challenge men in the midst of doing something juvenile or fun, then you're a heavy, a killjoy, a ball and chain.And all my life I grew up thinking, "I swear I won't be that way, I'll be cool, I'll be fun, I'm going to be the chick that can hang with the guys." And I really challenged myself on this film to shut out all of those critical voices, and the male pressures to conform and to really stand up and be a female voice in this world. I still feel that fear of being of being this irritatingly schoolmarm type of thing.

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