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Glancing quickly back towards the nurses station Susan saw her two co-workers intently staring at the computer screen.

Both were fitness instructors in their off time, and they often surfed the web looking at other instructors techniques.

Still looking at each other Susan licked her lips, gathering up a few last drops of cum and drawing them into her mouth.

Looking him straight in the eye her hands found his penis. Her fingers quickened their pace slipping in and out of her creamy hole, sliding over her throbbing clit. His face began to contort and she knew he was about to blow. Quickly swallowing his hot cream she was able to swallow the second spurt but not the third or fourth.

It had softened a bit while she checked the hall and washed her hands, but it sprang back harder than ever when she wrapped her hands around it and began stroking it gently. Soon her actions became routine and her mind began to wander. A guy like this in his prime probably had sex every day, Susan thought, or at least masturbated every day. In one fluid movement she shifted her head to his groin, opening her mouth and sliding her lips down over the head of his cock. Those she held in her mouth a moment until she could swallow again.

Your quiet slumber is interrupted by deep sighs and I stand here wondering if your dreams are filled with yesterday.

It was just another day of arriving at our cabin for the weekend. We unloaded the car and put the food and clothes away.

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