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This man needs some serious doing — he needs to gain back your trust, to assure you that he´s reliable, and to prove to you that he´s worth your time.However, if he you for good, as a matured, independent woman you should be able to accept it and find peace with it. You still have your career, your hobby, or whatever it is that makes you happy, successful and independent.*** While this guy is still pulling back on you, think well if you really want to be with him or if you rather move on and be with someone who truly wants to have a relationship with you.If he comes back and you decide you want to give him another chance, the ball should be in your court.He´s very unlikely to initiate that serious talk with you and you certainly won´t hear him say, “Honey, we need to talk. Pulling back is also necessary for him to figure out if you´re the type of woman that he wants to marry.I need to know where I stand with you.” Instead, he will pull back. When you react emotionally, it gives him a feeling of control.He’s treating you in a way that he can’t expect any woman to accept. Remember that if he can getaway with this one, he is likely to rinse repeat.

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Don´t bombard him with more text messages, emails or phone calls.From day one he treated me like a goddess, and I never felt disrespected.It didn´t take long for him to decide that I´m “the one” and for me to know that he´s “the one”. *** If you want him to love you, learn how to capture his heart and love you forever.If you sleep with him long before he falls in love with you, it will cheapen the potential of your relationship in his eyes.This scenario will most likely result to heartbreak.

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