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The government was first told their plan was unlawful in a tribunal decision in November 2016 – but went ahead with excluding mental distress anyway.

Backdated payments will go back to the date of the tribunal decision – so people will be getting over a year of payments they should have had before.

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The extra mobility money can be used to pay for taxis, for example, if someone isn’t able to use public transport.Enter a postcode on our advicelocal site to find details of advice organisations in your area.They will usually be able to offer free advice and support, and help to answer any questions you have.Around 220,000 people are expected to get more money as a result, including people previously given a score of zero in their PIP (Personal Independence Payment) assessment. We spoke to James Taylor, Scope’s head of policy, to find out what people can expect.This review is specifically related to people whose mental distress has prevented them from travelling.

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