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Read more about how solutions can become problems on the page Dealing with the effects of childhood sexual abuse.For a long time, until I could talk about it all and find some other ways of getting by, I just tried whatever was available.Try to keep each other up to date as to how the relationship is going for each of you, but without increasing pressure to have stuff resolved right now.It is also good to remind yourself that, although you are impacted by his behaviour, it is not all about you.The behaviours listed above might have developed as a direct result of being sexually abused, or in an effort to manage the trauma.They should not be seen as evidence of a damaged person.

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It is good to regularly check in with a partner to see how they are travelling.Sometimes, it is only when things aren’t playing out the way that you hoped for that you identify what you most value and appreciate about relationships and what you want from a partner.This then provides an opportunity to talk and confirm there is a shared vision that you can both work towards. I always thought that if he loved me enough he would stop doing those things – now I can see that it was his way of switching off and although I still don’t like it and want him to change, at least I can see it for what it is” A man’s, and possibly even your own, sense of shame around what happened, the effects, and fear of other people’s reactions or judgments.A healthy relationship is therefore not about having no difficulties; it is about having the skills, time and energy to work things out and grow together.Whether you or your partner was sexually abused or not, this will always be the case.

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