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The inscription is really a hymn to Osiris, and all that we learn about the deceased personally is, that he was " president of the unguent preparations of the double white house of the lord of the two earths," and also " chief of the royal wig of the good god." His son was the " chief of those who listen to complaints." And this brings us to the last stele.

Birch, whose wide acquirements, profound and varied scholarship, and unfailing industry, had done so much for its welfare.The shekh of Behnesa is also shekh of the J.ittle Oasis, but Sirdaui has no control over the tribes who pass the winter and spring near Heracleopolis.Instances of descent J reckoned through female in Abraham's marriage (half-sister unrelated through female kinship), &c, but these could be explained J by polygamy as well as totemism.Budge submitted translations of the various texts given on these gods, who are lords of life, bring the soul of the Osiris Amenhotep, that it may be united to hts soul, his soul being separated from his body.

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