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Teitoku has the tendency to spout sarcastic remarks inside and outside the battlefield, things like praising his enemy while he actually is talking down to them, or stating “That hurt” when a direct attack failed to damage him in anyway.

He likely took over SCHOOL with the intention of forcing Aleister to negotiate with him.

Being both Level 5s and having to deal with the Dark Side of Academy City, his character is often used as a contrast to that of Accelerator.

Teitoku's full name can be translated as "Emperor of the Front Fence," which suits his personality.

They later hire a sniper for the purpose of assassinating Oyafune Monaka.

However, on October 6, their sniper is killed by ITEM, forcing them to go to Management to get them a sniper and arrange the assassination of Monaka.

If you draw two parallel lines on the ball, then eventually they will cross.The curvature forces the two lines to come together.If an object is not experiencing any force, then it will travel in a straight line through space. So if you’re sitting still (traveling forward in time), and no one applies a force to you, you’ll continue to sit still (travel forward in time).He has shoulder-length dirty blond hair and often wears a cocky smile, though in his interaction with Uiharu Kazari, it is shown that he can fake warmth and kindness.Kazari also notes that he radiates an almost vulgar sense of style.

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    For more information, contact Erin, your local Pre-Dating Speed Dating Coordinator: Email: Phone: 1-877-i Pre Date (1-877-477-3328) Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9am-10pm EST Friday: 9am-5pm EST Saturday: 10am-2pm EST Sunday: 3pm-6pm EST HOW IT WORKS: Let's face it, by now you know it takes meeting a number of people before you find someone you click with.

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