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We, the Executive Boud of 7%e Muhlenberg Weekly, have found that this desire for a fresh start applies to more than just ourselves.This desire is universal and for us it centers on creating an understanding, close-knit and cooperative Student Body.Her desire to limit the amount of unnecessary refuse in the dumpsiers inspired her to seek the help in getting a cardboard recy- cling program started. Starting small, Nguyen sought to get cardboard and paper recycling bins on each floor of the three freshmen dorms on campus.These bins were monitored and maintained by Nguyen and other students interest- ed in a "green" campus.No, they aren't for catching your room- mate's projectile vomit on a Friday night.

With this better understanding, it is the hope of all who attended the meeting that we can work towards a common goal — improving the College iind creating a Caring Community In the past, it has been believed that the term "Caring College " was simply a marketing slogan." tho Dana Associates Program, which ia designed to enrich the academic experience of honors students and guide them Inwards hci Og upstanding citizens. By Robyn Mordli Weeilv News Wwter This year the College was rated 18th fbr Best College Theatre Program hy The Princeton Ri^vifw and the overall 73rd Best Liberal Arts College in America by the VS News A World Report.SEE NORLING PAGE 6 Princeton Review rates Theatre Dept. The world of small liberal arts colleges is very big across the nation and while students are trying to pick out the best school For them, these colleges are likewise competitig for the very ben studentt.These are the sorts of reviews that sound great on paper or from your high school guid- ance counselor, but do they reallv mintcr'' "People are obviously impacted by these maga- zines, but I think [the effect of them] really depends on who you are and how seri- ously you take such abstruse sources," says Ester Martin '09."Word of mouth is still the best way 10 get information about what any particular school is really like." These sorts of publica- tions are more likely to list a generic blurb about what the school is like than an in- depth analysis of what's really going on on campus.

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